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Growing Confidence, Inspiring Joy, and Instilling a Lifelong Love of Dance!

At Dance Classics, step into a world where magical moments are created, and children are lovingly encouraged by instructors who truly care. Watch as a student’s confidence grows, and they are inspired to find joy in the movement. It is our passion to instill a lifelong love of dance in our students. 

Children are captivated by the magical movement and the enchanting experience of our dance classes. Watch as your tiny dancer leaps and twirls with a big smile and a sparkle in their eyes. Children hear stories and dance to delightful music. Memories are created and imaginations ignited as a child begins their dance journey. Our preschool classes are filled with delightful dancing, magical music, vibrant storytelling, costumes and enchantment. Children love to move and learn through movement and our instructors support them every step of the way.

Through the years, watch as your child master’s new skills and their confidence grows. Dancers blossom and shine as they progress through the levels. Through high-caliber dance training, our students develop excellent dance technique and gain focus, confidence and discipline.  Every student’s accomplishments are praised and celebrated.

We set high standards for our dancers and it shows in every class. Dancers of every age, ability, and level are accepted and urged to push themselves to become the best version of themselves. Our dynamic team of instructors create an empowering environment in which dancers can flourish.

Come and see for yourselves the Dance Classics’ difference.

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Now Accepting Enrollments

Dance Classics is now accepting enrollments for our new season beginning August 12th. We offer a unique blend of dance classes in Murfreesboro for all ages and levels. Our experienced instructors teach energetic classes that focus on proper dance technique. Our goal is for students to develop a life-long love of the arts and encourage creative expression. Whether your dancer is looking for recreational classes or has bigger dreams of dancing professionally, Dance Classics can fit their needs.

Please register early as space is limited!

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fairy tale ballet - dance studio


Filled with dancing, fairy tale stories, costumes, props, creativity, and enchantment. Children learn basic ballet concepts, steps, terminology, and creative expression. Class includes a brief story time in which children listen to a classic fairy tale and dress in colorful and creative costumes.

broadway bound - dance studio


This class combines Broadway-style dance with acting, staging, mime, and expression to create performers with confidence and good stage presence. Students will learn stage direction and character building, as well as the stories and music from popular kid-friendly Broadway musicals.

funky cheer - dance studio


Funky Cheer is a high-energy class which meshes Cheer and Hip Hop to create a fun spirited class. Students learn movement similar to pom pom and dance teams. The class will concentrate on proper stance, facial expressions, and energetic mini-routines.


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