At Dance Classics, we offer dance classes in Murfreesboro in a variety of styles to fit your interests. Whether you have a future prima ballerina, Broadway bound star, or a bouncy cheerleader on your hands, we have a class that’s right for you. With our extensive expertise in dance education and professional training we’ve developed classes that ignite imaginations and inspire creative expression in our young dancers.

Our Fairy Tale Ballet classes introduce young dancers to traditional ballet fundamentals as well as the fairy tale stories behind the ballet. Add in some whimsy with costumes and props and you have a recipe for fun!

From Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, and Funky Cheer, our innovative Murfreesboro dance classes will teach and inspire your child to shine.

Watch your child’s discipline, physical fitness, and creative expression flourish and grow with dance classes here at Dance Classics. Don’t forget that dance is great exercise for adults too. Join us for our Adult Tap class or Adult Ballet class and see how fun getting fit can be!

We are conveniently located in Murfreesboro, TN, and offer a variety of dance classes to fit your needs. Below you will find descriptions of each of our classes listed by style. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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  • We have classes for all ages and abilities

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These classes are filled with dancing, fairy tale stories, costumes, props, creativity, and enchantment. Watch as you child twirls and leaps across the floor using imagination and props while learning basic ballet and motor movement.  She will dance to delightful music and hear stories that will ignite her imagination.  


Our Kinder-Ballet classes are designed for Kindergarten-aged students. Dancers will develop basic classical ballet technique and increase their range of ballet steps and terminology. The expression of stories through movement will be emphasized. Kinder-Ballet will lay down a solid ballet foundation in order to prepare children for Ballet 1 and up. Ballet 1 through 3 are technique classes in which students continue to learn the fundamentals of classical ballet. Students will learn a wider ballet vocabulary as well as the concept of turn-out, proper body alignment, and positions of the arms and legs. Grace and musicality are promoted. Ballet 4 and 5 emphasizes the development of movement sequences, use of head and body direction, balance, port de bras (carriage of the arms), turns, allegro (jumps) and leg strength and extension. Ballet 5 through 7 students will also concentrate on pre-pointe and pointe exercises. New students may require an evaluation session to determine proper class placement.


This is a traditional, comprehensive, ballet class for anyone who wants a great workout. No previous dance instruction is necessary although the level of each student is accommodated.


These combo class offered to our dancers give them the opportunity to learn about two different types of dance. Students will split the class between both Jazz and Tap styles of dance.

Jazz 1 & JAZZ 2

Jazz dance is a more contemporary style of dance which combines the basic techniques of ballet with the modern steps of Pop and Broadway. In Jazz 1, an emphasis is placed on style, energy, proper technique, and rhythm. All classes begin with a warm-up, stretching, isolations, and movements across the floor such as turns and jumps. Fun mini-routines are given to help students apply what they have learned. All movement and music is upbeat and age and skill-level appropriate. Jazz 2 includes elements of Jazz 1 but is at an intermediate level where more focus is on flexibility, turns, and jumps as well as traditional jazz movement.

Jazz / Contemporary Competition Team

The recreational competition dance team is designed to give students, who have a passion and LOVE of dance, the opportunity to perform and compete in local and regional dance competitions during the 2024/2025 school year. Dancers will learn choreography and expand their dance skills, self-esteem, poise, self-confidence, and teamwork. All dancers are required to attend a ballet technique class at least once a week and are encouraged to participate in other dance styles as well. All dancers and parent/caregiver are required to attend a team meeting in September of 2024. New student evaluation is required to determine class placement.


Tap classes develop percussive rhythms and syncopations with the feet. Dancers develop musicality, agility, rhythm, and stylized movement. In this intermediate-level class, dancers should have prior training in tap and will need an instructor’s approval.

Adult Tap

Tap classes develop percussive rhythms and syncopations with the feet. Dancers develop musicality, agility, rhythm, and stylized movement. Beginners learn basic steps and terminology and as they progress will be taught more difficult combinations of steps and movement.

Hip Hop / Jazz Combo & Hip Hop

Hip Hop dance refers to a street dance style often performed to hip hop and pop music. Body isolations and rhythm are explored. Classes will include a warm-up and stretch, across-the-floor progressions, and a mini-routine. Vibrant and kid-friendly music is used. The combination class will include both hip hop and jazz movement.

Funky Cheer

Funky Cheer is a high-energy class which meshes Cheer and Hip Hop to create a fun spirited class. Students learn movement similar to pom pom and dance teams. The class will concentrate on proper stance, facial expressions, and energetic mini-routines.

Broadway Bound & Theatre Jazz

Broadway Bound combines high-energy Broadway-style dance with acting, staging, mime, and expression to create performers with good stage presence. Students will learn stage direction and character building, as well as learn the stories and music from popular kid-friendly Broadway musicals. Theatre Jazz focuses on dance styles found in musical theatre performances. This class will focus on strong jazz technique with stylized choreography from musicals such as Sweet Charity, Chicago, Cabaret, Fame, and Grease!

Dance Team Prep

Dance Team Prep is a high energy class that will prepare students for their school’s dance team or pom team. Students will work on various jumps, turns, and leaps. This class will concentrate on proper technique and performance quality.