Ballet has a long history; as a dancer, it is essential to know that history so you can grow and excel in dance. One of the best ways to find inspiration is to look back at prima ballerinas and study their performances in classical ballet. Below are a few classical ballets every ballerina should see. 

Swan Lake

You know this one—Swan Lake is one of the most recognizable names in classical ballet. A fun fact about this ballet is that the protagonist, Princess Odette, is usually the same dancer as the antagonist, the black swan Odile. 

The Nutcracker

Though seasonal to the Christmas Holiday, The Nutcracker is a classic ballet known as the world round’. From the nostalgic images of the Mouse King to the Sugar Plum Fairies, this ballet is a core childhood memory for many.

Romeo and Juliet

The Shakespeare classic—turned ballet! Romeo and Juliet is likely the most famous love story of all time; it is no surprise that it is also considered one of the ultimate classic ballets. Though Romeo and Juliet were written in the late 1500s, the ballet was first performed around 1940. 

Sleeping Beauty

You are probably familiar with the Walt Disney movie “Sleeping Beauty,” but the ballet originated before the classic animation. The Disney film was based on the ballet, and one of the most famous dance sequences is the “Rose Adagio.”

If there is a ballet you have yet to see on this list, we encourage you to watch a live performance or a recording on YouTube. 

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