Keeping your hair off your face and neck during dance class ensures you can perform at your best, without any distractions. Here, we’ve rounded up some hair ideas that allow you to express your style while meeting our studio requirements!

  1. The Classic Ballet Bun: A timeless choice, the ballet bun not only looks elegant but ensures your hair stays put throughout the most rigorous routines. For an added touch, consider wrapping a ribbon or a scrunchie around the base, or use decorative hairpins to give it an extra flair.
  2. High Ponytail: The high ponytail is both stylish and functional. Ensure it’s tightly secured to avoid any stray hairs. For a modern twist, try wrapping a section of hair around the base of your ponytail to conceal the hairband or add a fun bow or accessory.
  3. French Braid: Starting from the crown of your head, tightly french braid your hair all the way down. This style not only secures all your hair but also offers a lovely, intricate look. Bonus: After class, undo the braid for some lovely waves!
  4. Double Braids: This trendy style involves creating two parallel braids that run down either side of your head. It’s edgy, fun, and keeps every strand of hair in place.
  5. Braided Bun: Combine the elegance of the ballet bun with the security of a braid. Start with a french or dutch braid from the nape of your neck and twist it up into a bun. Secure with pins.
  6. Side Braid: Perfect for those with layers, this style keeps those shorter strands in check. Braid your hair to one side, securing it low on your neck. Ensure longer layers don’t dangle by tucking them in or using hairpins.
  7. Twisted Crown: Take sections from the front of your hair and twist them, pinning them at the back. Continue this process until all your hair is off your neck and face. This romantic style is both dreamy and practical.

Remember, dancers, while it’s essential to adhere to our studio’s hair requirements, it’s also an opportunity to showcase your personal style and creativity. We can’t wait to see the fantastic hairdos you all come up with in your next class!

If you have questions about dress code or policies, please contact Dance Classics at 615-378-7152.