Our Dance Classics Family is excited about our highly anticipated Showcase for the Diamonds Competition Team. On May 31st, all of our competition team dancers will be performing the dances they have learned throughout the season. Our Diamond Team dancers invite their Dance Classics Family to come out and support them while enjoying a celebration of the art of dance!

We know the night before a big performance can be nerve-racking but we have combined a checklist of what to pack the night before a dance showcase. Ensuring you remember to pack all of these items listed below, will make for a smooth dance showcase day!

Costume and Accessories: Headpieces, Jewelry, Tights, Masks! These accessories can be helpful to gather everything into a plastic bag and attach it to your costume hanger.

Dance Shoes: Ensuring you have the correct dance shoes in your bag for each of your routines is important.

Water Bottle and Snacks: Showcase days can be long and tiring. Snacks like granola bars, pretzels, yogurt, and fruit can be great fuel. This will help enhance your energy levels throughout the show.

Hair and Makeup Supplies: hair spray, bobby pins, lipstick, and more are all great supplies to bring with you for any touch-ups during the day.

First Aid Kit: Having a mini first aid kit in your dance bag is a great idea in case of any accidents during dance practices.

We are excited to share all the Dance Classics Diamonds Competition Team dances from this season. We are proud of all of our dancers and can’t wait to see them perform beautifully on the stage.

If you have any questions about the showcase or any of our Dance Classics offerings please call us at (615) 378-7152. See you there!

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