School is officially back in session, and your busy schedule has picked up its pace. Summer activities are being replaced with homework and basketball practice, but just because school is back doesn’t mean that dance classes should stop. Here are a few reasons why dance should be a year-round activity for your child.


Dance classes will teach your child how to work better when they are a part of a team. When your child takes dance classes, they are required to communicate with their fellow dancers and work together to create synchronized dance routines. These skills will help your child positively communicate with their teammates and classmates.

Listening and Concentration

Many children struggle with listening and concentration throughout the school day. Taking dance classes throughout the year will teach your child to listen and focus while being instructed on how to perform a task. Throughout dance classes, dancers are required to concentrate on specific instructions and memorize these skills. As a result, your child’s cognitive abilities will increase throughout dance classes, and they will learn to listen and concentrate when performing a task.

Follow Through

Children can often struggle with following through on their schoolwork and homework, but dance classes will show your child how to remain accountable to a task. Throughout dance class, your child will learn how to focus on a goal and achieve it. This will help your child remain motivated throughout the school year and increase their desire to succeed.

Now that school is back in session, parents should consider adding dance classes to their child’s fall schedule. If you live in the Murfreesboro or the middle Tennessee area and want to register for dance classes, call us at (615) 378-7152.