Dance is a fun and challenging activity that dares kids and adults alike to reach new heights. However, mastering new skills and techniques depends on your habits at the studio and at home. A dancer should practice a balanced lifestyle to achieve the best results in and out of class.

Similar to other athletes, dancers need to take care of themselves to perform their best. Rest, movement, and a healthy diet are three components that are vital to the success of any young athlete.

When you’re a child, you certainly don’t give much thought to rest. However, as all parents know, the amount of rest you get directly correlates to your mental and physical performance. Getting a full night’s sleep will give your body the energy it needs to do your best and help you gain a positive mental outlook when facing physical challenges.

We just talked about getting enough rest, but regular movement is also vital to a dancer’s health and happiness. We advise students to exercise and stretch some outside of class to build healthy habits for the future. A walk in the park or jumping on a trampoline would be the perfect activity for the days you’re not in dance class!

A balanced diet helps maintain healthy energy levels. Meals mainly comprised of whole foods give dancers the most opportunity to get in essential vitamins and nutrients. And don’t forget about snacks! Healthy snacks and lots of water will help dancers feel and do their best.

It’s essential to treat a growing dancer as any other athlete and give them the rest, movement, and food they need to cultivate their minds and bodies. In helping them make better choices now, you are instilling healthy habits for the future.