Sending your child to dance class for the first time may bring up a range of emotions, from excitement to fear to nostalgia. You may be excited because you loved to dance when you were younger or nervous for them to make new friends. Of course, there is no right way to feel when it comes to your child starting a new hobby, but how you react may influence their attitude toward dance. We want every dancer to explore and enjoy the world of dance. Below are a few tips on being the best dance mom you can be so your child has a great time at class. 

Let Them Explore

Even at a young age, letting your child make their own small decisions can be a good idea. Children are often more satisfied with a decision if you consider their input. For example, let your child choose which dance classes they take, whether ballet, tap, jazz, or even our funky cheer class. You may be tempted to select ballet for your child because that is what you took at their age, but one of the most fun parts of dance is the ability to explore different genres and styles. If your child decides, they may be more excited to attend classes.

Go At Their Own Pace

You may be super excited to have your child take dance classes for the first time, and in your excitement, sign them up for a few lessons. While some children may love having dance every day after school, it could be overstimulating for others. We suggest listening to your child and tailoring the number of classes they take around that.

Starting dance classes is such a fun, exciting time. We want every student to enjoy their time at Dance Classics, and we find that our happiest students have dance moms that are patient and willing to let their children explore the wonderful world of dance. If you are interested in signing your child up for dance class, please give us a call at 615-378-7152.