To get the most out of the classes here at Dance Classics, it is essential for young dancers to not only give their all while they are here but also at home. Practicing a regular stretching routine and going through routines and steps at home can vastly improve a young dancer’s abilities on the dance floor. Here are a few tips for how to prepare for your next in-person dance class: 

Establish a Stretching Routine

Stretching is essential for dancers of all ages to increase flexibility and prevent injury. Establishing a regular stretching routine at home will help you improve faster in your classes and prevent pulled and strained muscles. Here are a few stretches you may consider incorporating into your routine:

When making a home stretching routine, consider the stretches you do in dance class. Those are often the same stretches you can practice at home. A few basic stretches you may think of are hamstring and calf stretches, rolling your wrists and ankles, and bicep/tricep stretches. We recommend focusing on leg stretches as that is the central body part used while dancing. 

Splits are also a great stretch to practice at home because they will help prevent injury with increased flexibility and make certain dance moves, such as kicks, easier.

Practice Routines and Steps at Home

The old saying “practice makes perfect” really rings true when it comes to dance. Practicing new dance steps or ballet positions/moves at home will help increase your skill level. It is easy for young dancers to forget how to do specific steps between classes—which may cause them to be behind in the next class. If you are trying to help your child prepare for upcoming classes, consider asking them what they learned in the last class and have them repeat it a few times after they have adequately stretched and warmed up. 

We want every child to benefit from our classes, and practicing at home is a great way to ensure that! Not only will practicing at home help the entire class move on faster, but it can also boost your child’s confidence in dance! If you have questions about what your child should be practicing specifically, please get in touch with Dance Classics at 615-378-7152.