Ballet isn’t just pretty tutus and little girls dancing around playing dress-up. Though ballet does involve beautiful costumes and many little girls dream of becoming a ballerina, ballet is a real sport that provides unexpected benefits. Even as a beginner in ballet, your student will begin learning more and gaining more benefits than just having a wonderful experience and looking adorable while doing it.


Here are some unexpected benefits we have found our students experience with ballet classes:

  1. Strength

At Dance Classics we focus on the development of a child’s strength through ballet practice that is both fun and effective. Strength training during ballet can be in the form of many different exercises. Strength training also teaches children how to exercise and sets a foundation for a lifetime of healthier living in the future.

  1. Health & Wellness

Ballet is a great way for children to learn healthy lifestyle habits like proper stretching techniques, flexibility practices and knowing one’s physical limits and strengths.

  1. Confidence

At Dance Classics, we see many children each season come in who are shy at first and after a few classes engage more with the children around them. When children see that they can do new things, they feel good about themselves and their accomplishments. Plus, dance class is a great place to make friends and allow your child a space to grow confidence in friendship-making skills!

  1. Education

Ballet is not only a sport, it’s a learning experience. The words and commands used in ballet are many times in another language, like French. Your child will be exposed to these words, their meanings, and be educated and pushed to learn definitions and techniques at varying degrees. Ballet also has a special relationship with music. Children are exposed to this relationship and learn how ballet and music work together to create something beautiful.

  1. Teamwork

Like any team sport, a child learns teamwork participating in ballet. Each child in a ballet class must work together to master a routine and create the unity a ballet performance requires.


Dance Classics provides one of the best ballet courses in Middle Tennessee. We love seeing how ballet and dance enrich our students in everyday life! Whether you have a child that has never tried dance, or are looking to enroll an experienced dancer, we would love to talk to you!