Dancing is usually thought of as an activity for girls, but many male athletes train with ballet. There are many benefits and skills that come with dance and they can be implemented in other sports. The footwork in ballet can be applied to sports like football, basketball, and soccer. Dance can help improve physical fitness and self-confidence. It can also open up opportunities for boys that may not be available if not for dance. Below, we will explore a few benefits of dance for boys.

Improves Physical Fitness, Balance, and Flexibility

Dance, especially ballet, can help improve balance, flexibility, and physical fitness. Dance can be a rigorous work out and aids in muscular development. In dance, the body learns to balance itself more effectively due to having to assume positions like balancing on one leg. Flexibility is a common exercise of any dance class and flexibility can even help prevent injuries in other sports.

Boosts Self-Confidence and Self-Expression

Dancing can improve one’s self confidence and self-expression. Being able to master and perform a dance routine can improve a boy’s self-confidence greatly. Boys find that losing and making mistakes are equally important as winning and that makes them better equipped to handle the highs and lows of training. Expressing yourself can be especially hard for boys because they are often told to hold their emotions back. In ballet, emotions are shown through body language and that can help someone express their feelings in their daily lives.

Opens Up Opportunities

There are not as many male ballet participants as there are female, so that opens boys up to better roles, scholarships, and possibly even a professional career. Applying the skills learned in dance to other sports can make boys better players and, again, open them up to scholarships or a professional career.

In short, boys who participate in sports should take ballet or other dance classes. There are many benefits and it has been proven that dance improves fitness, balance, and agility. Whether your son wants to use dance to apply it to their sport of choice or just focus on dance solely, Dance Classics has many options for him. Give us a call at (615) 378-7152 for more information. We are now enrolling for camps and classes!