Determining which dance class is best for your child can be overwhelming, because it can be hard to know what they will find most enjoyable. We have listed three dance class options below to help you figure out which class would be the best option for your child:

Fairy Tale Ballet

Our Fairy Tale ballet class is filled with dancing, fairy tale stories, costumes, props, creativity, and enchantment. Throughout this class, we will teach your child the basic concepts of ballet, such as steps, terminology, and creative expression. Each lesson includes a brief story in which children listen to a classic fairy tale and dress in a costume that fits the theme. Ballet will teach your child grace on stage, and it is one of the best dances for building balance.

Broadway Bound

Our Broadway Bound class combines Broadway-style dancing with acting, staging, mime, and expression. This class is perfect for children who love to perform or those who need to build the confidence and stage presence required to perform. Throughout this class, dancers will learn stage directions and character building, teaching them how to act out a story and music from popular kid-friendly Broadway musicals. This class will be perfect for children interested in acting or musical theater, because they will learn to act through body language and expression.

Funky Cheer

Our Funky Cheer class is a high-energy class that combines cheer and hip-hop into dance. Dancers will learn choreography that is similar to pom pom and dance teams. This class teaches dancers about the proper stance, facial expressions, and energetic mini routines needed to be a dancer. Your child will love this high-energy class because it allows them to express themselves throughout their dancing.

If you are interested in signing your child up for a dance class, call us today at (615) 378-7152.