Short Answer: YES! If you’re looking for a fun activity that will keep your kids moving, why NOT consider dance classes? Dance is an excellent form of exercise. A bonus, is that it gives children an opportunity to have fun and be creative as well! If your child is expressing an interest in dancing, you may want to encourage them into taking a ballet class or some other style of dance such as jazz, tap, or hip hop. Aside from dance being a fun activity for kids, it also offers a variety of health benefits and opportunities to learn.

Of course, it’s important for everyone to stay active, but dance classes can provide an enjoyable outlet for kids to get in some exercise. In young children, dance can help them to learn coordination and fine motor skills. It also stimulates mental activity and leads them to make connections between the music and their own movements.

Once a student has reached a certain skill level in dance, the health benefits can increase. The movement that is taught gets more complex, thus making the students work their muscles more. They become stronger, more flexible, and their stamina increases. This promotes cardiovascular health. These skills and training can provide lifelong benefits. Dance requires a level of focus, coordination, and discipline that will benefit students throughout their childhood and into their adult lives.

Dance classes help children strengthen their muscles and improve their flexibility and posture. Young dancers develop a variety of brain functions and physical coordination, all while having fun and building new skills. Participating in a weekly dance class, also gives children the opportunity to make friends and socialize with other dancers in their class. If you live in Murfreesboro and are considering signing your child up for dance lessons, we would love to have them here at Dance Classics. We can help them to learn and experience all of these benefits. And they’ll have fun doing it!