Social skills are vital in the development of a child and it is even more difficult now than it was before to build those skills. We all know that dancing is a physical activity, but it can be a social one as well. According to FamilyTalk Magazine, “dance lessons can help children improve their social and communication skills, learn how to work as part of a team, develop a greater sense of trust and cooperation, and make new friends.” If your child is having trouble socializing with their peers, here are 6 reasons why dance classes may be the right choice for them.

  1. If your child’s social skills need some work, dance is a beneficial way of building trust and openness. This activity can help improve their self-esteem, improve their communication skills, and help them break out of their shell.
  2. Since socializing is not the main part of dance classes, the child will feel less pressured to socialize than in other situations.
  3. Dance classes can alleviate your child’s anxiety about new places, new people, and performing in front of an audience.
  4. When exercising, endorphins are released which can help children feel more positive emotionally and mentally. They will feel more relaxed in class, hopefully encouraging them to be more social.
  5. Choreography can improve a child’s socialization skills. Choreography often requires teamwork and patience. Children will learn how to move in a group and synchronize – that will teach them the value of teamwork to achieve goals.
  6. Your child will have the opportunity to speak to other kids before and after class. Encourage your child to invite over a few friends from the class. Your child may develop new and lasting friendships through these interactions.

Do you have a child that is struggling to socialize with other children? Dance classes may be the answer. At Dance Classics, we offer a unique blend of dance classes in Murfreesboro for all ages and levels. Whether your dancer is looking for recreational classes or has bigger dreams of dancing professionally, Dance Classics can fit their needs. We are currently enrolling for camps and classes. Contact us at (615) 378-7152 if you need assistance with class placement.