In the month of February, Dance Classics’ recreational competition teams were able to attend their first weekend-long dance convention. Luckily, we didn’t have to travel far. It was held at a local convention center here in our hometown of Murfreesboro, TN.

Dance conventions are often run by companies that hire world-class, qualified instructors to teach dance classes to students. These instructors are often professional dancers and performers who have successful careers. At this particular convention, our dancers took classes from Alex Wong, Cyrus Spencer, Lauren Froderman, Ade Chike Torbert, Amelia Lowe, Casie Goshow, Laura Edwards, and Mollee Gray. Our students knew who most of these professionals were and have enjoyed watching them on television shows, movies, and other various media outlets.

When dancers attend dance conventions, they have the opportunity to experience classes in a variety of styles; some which they may never have tried before. It also allows dancers to get a fresh new perspective on styles they may already study in their home studio. Dancers also get to dance with many other dancers that are the same age and level. These other dancers are oftentimes from the same region, so it is a great opportunity to see what other studios are teaching their dancers.

It is always exciting to meet new people who share your passion and love to dance as much as you do! Dance Classics’ dancers had so much fun learning different dance combinations from exciting instructors and hearing their advice and expertise about technique, classes, auditions, and the dance industry. It was such a positive weekend that included hard work and a lot of laughs. We will definitely be attending more dance conventions in our future!