Dance recital time is such an exciting time for a dancer. It’s finally time to show off all their hard work and all the things they’ve learned this season. If you were ever a dancer yourself, you probably remember the anticipation, excitement and nerves that came with dress rehearsals and then the big opening night!

There are so many fun things to do with your child to make special memories and cherished keepsakes along their dance career and one of those things is a gift for end of recital. A dance recital gift encourages your child to keep working hard and helps convey your love and support. Though gifts are not a requirement for dance recitals, it has become customary that parents will bring along a recital gift for their dancer. We have developed a list of potential dance recital gift ideas for you to help you come up with something unique and perfect for your dancers!

  • New dance shoes. This would depend on the type of dance your dancer is involved in ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, etc… You can always ask your dance instructor if there is something new that they think your dancer may enjoy receiving for the next dance season.
  • Glitter tutu for dancing around the house – any new leotard, tutu, leg warmers, there are so many online dance stores that have beautiful dance clothes that your dancer will love showing off at home or at the studio next season.
  • Bouquet of roses – Flowers, Flowers, Flowers – This is the traditional gift and a classic for a reason. The smile a bouquet of flowers will put on your dancer’s face will mean the world to you!
  • Dance-themed jewelry like a necklace or charm bracelet. This could also be something timeless and traditional especially if your dancer has a show case or solo. Something that will commemorate the experience and cherish memories.
  • Scented lotion for tired feet, new polish or even a gift certificate to the nail salon for a pedicure. They’ve put those feet to work this season, they need some pampering!
  • Drawstring bag to hold dance essentials – a new dance bag, this could even be customized with name or with the logo of their dance studio or company.

The most important thing about giving a dance recital gift is the look on their face when they’re surprised with something special after their performance. Whether it’s the traditional flower bouquet or a completely unique gift, your little dancer will feel so special. Encourage your dancer to know the best part about dance and their recital is to have fun, be proud of themselves and focus on the passion and love they have for dance.