Are you ready to shuffle into your first tap class? Have a tiny dancer who wants to tip-toe into the world of tap dancing? We can’t say this enthusiastically enough — YOU WILL LOVE IT. Tap dance is more than just a dance style, it’s musical training for your ear as well. In tap dancing we use the metal taps on the toes and heals of our shoes to create a melody of endless sounds and rhythms that differ in so many dynamics!

You may wonder what are we going to do in tap class? Typically, if it is a beginner tap class your instructor will begin by giving a demonstration on how the taps on your shoes can create different sounds and how they can create rhythm when used correctly. This is a great way to introduce their class to their new “instrument.” As all dance classes do, a typical tap class will begin with everyone warming up and then each class will feature repetitions of tap movements. Doing exercises with basic tap sounds makes a great foundation for all future tap steps to be built upon. As classes continue on throughout the season, and you start getting the hang of tapping, you will begin to learn more complex tap step combinations as well as vocabulary and history of tap dancing. By the end of the season, you’ll have learned an entire tap routine! Like jazz dance class, you never know what to expect from what music will be played during your lesson, with so many styles and expressions in both tap and jazz, each lesson can be unique and with their own musical flavor!

So what should you or your tiny dancer wear for tap class? Any dance gear is appropriate for dance class. If your child is taking another dance lesson before or after their tap lesson, form fitted clothing or clothing that is appropriate for the guidelines of other classes is fine. No baggy or long pants, you want to see those feet in action!

For information on what kind of tap shoes to purchase give us a call at the studio and we can steer you in the right direction of a shoe that will be a great fit for you or your child. We are so excited that you’re considering tap dancing classes for yourself or your child. It’s one of our favorite expressions of dance and it’s fun for people of all ages and backgrounds!