Summer break is an exciting time. The pools are open; the schools are closed. But as the summer wears on, it can be difficult to find new ways to fill the days and keep your kids from getting bored. Finding fun and educational activities for your children to do this summer is not as hard as you may think. Look no further than Summer Dance Camp!

Camps are a great way to allow your child to explore new (or old) interests and keep their mind and body moving throughout the summer. Dance camps allow children to learn in a creative environment, rather than in a classroom. A half-day dance camp is great to break up those lazy summer days without disrupting the relaxing rhythm of summer and family life.

At dance camp, children will stretch their mental capacities by memorizing patterns and sequence steps. They will learn and need to remember new choreography. They will also improve their mind-body connection by applying the instructor’s words to their movement instantly.

Dancing also promotes a healthy lifestyle by improving muscle strength, agility, flexibility, balance, grace, stamina and good posture. And your kids won’t even realize they are exercising, because they’ll be having so much fun!

Dance camp is a great opportunity for your child to meet new friends outside of their school. They will be working in groups and must be aware of others and the space around them while dancing. They will learn teamwork and build their self-confidence skills in a relaxed, but structured environment.

At a Dance Classics Summer camp, children will participate in a variety of classes such as ballet, jazz, musical theater, funky cheer, hip hop and tumbling. The campers will learn new dances, steps, and skills with fun, themed music, during their camp. They will have the opportunity to create crafts that relate to the theme of the camp. Camp will also include dress-up for our younger participants, songs, games, and a snack time. Each camp finishes off with a mini performance for parents to enjoy.

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