Hey parents! Summer is going to be here before we know it. The weather is getting warmer, the flowers are starting to bloom — school will be out and those kiddos are going to be ready for fun summer activities! Here at Dance Classics we love creating fun activities for kids during the summer months. This summer your child can enjoy our summer dance program or one of our three dance day camps we are offering. If your child has been interested in doing dance, or you think our summer offerings are a great way to get their ballet toes wet, then check us out.

What’s our summer program? Great question. Typically fall and spring dance are multiple practices per week. Summer program classes are once a week, a more relaxed schedule, allowing students to enjoy other activities during their summer vacation. Our Summer Program classes will be on Tuesday afternoons from June 15th – July 27th. The Summer Program is great for current students who want to stay in practice and routine through the summer but also for new students to try out a class to see if they’d like it, before committing to a full schedule in the fall. For more information on the classes offered in the summer program call us at 615-378-7152.

Arguably the most fun we will be having this summer is during our three-day camps. This year we are offering three different camps for children ages 3-11 that will make any kids week exciting. Our three camp offerings are:

  1. Camp Candyland, June 14-16 from 9am – 11:30am. Camp Candyland is a magical world of candy full of lollipops, chocolate and gumballs galore! We will dance our way through Candyland, learning ballet and jazz dances with sweet surprises along the way! This camp will be full of dancing, candy crafts, yummy snacks and so much more! Children will do a sweet performance for parents on their final day of camp.


  1. A Fancy Fairy Festival, June 28th – 30th, 9am – 11:30am. The title says it all with this fairy tale camp. Wings, flowers, and fairy dust a plenty as your child flutters and twirls their way through their imagination! This camp is whimsical and fun as we learn ballet and jazz dances in our magical costumes. We will enjoy fairy tale crafts, snacks and a special magical performance for parents on the last day of camp.



  1. Tik Tok & Tie Dye (Ages 5-12), July 26th – 28th, 9am – 11:30am. A truly unique offering this summer — your kids are probably obsessed with them, you may even be too – TikTok dances… You child will learn all the fun and famous Tik Tok dances (all age appropriate) and create some of our very own Dance Classics Tik Tok dances using our jazz and hip hop dance skills. We will explore our artsy side by dipping into tie dye creations that we will show off at our parent performance the last day. This camp is sure to be #savage #lit #trending.


To register or get more information on any of our camps or our summer program check them out on their web pages at https://danceclassicstn.com/summer-dance-camps/ or https://danceclassicstn.com/dance-classes/ or give us a call at 615-378-7152.