Oh the lazy days of summer…The first week or two of a child’s summer vacation is a thrilling time, but as the weeks wear on, the days can seem long and boring. Children may gravitate toward television, mobile devices, and xboxes to keep themselves entertained. Many parents try to find fun and educational activities for their children to participate in to curb their boredom. Keeping their minds working and their bodies engaged in physical fitness are an added bonus. Summer break is a great time to try something completely new or continue to educate themselves in their hobbies or interests. Camps are a great way to keep kids busy and active.

It is important to find a camp that suits the needs of your child. Learning a particular skill by a professional in a specialized field is an added bonus. Dancing in the summer will allow children to learn in a fun, artistic, and creative environment rather than an academic setting. A half-day dance camp will give a child something fun to do during summer break without disrupting the relaxing rhythm of summer and family life.

There are many benefits to attending a dance camp, including cognitive, physical, musical, social, skill-building, and artistic benefits.

Cognitive Benefits
Children will use their brains to memorize patterns and sequence steps. They will learn and need to remember new choreography. They will also begin to make the mind-body connection (hearing the instructor give a command and applying it instantly to the body).

Physical Benefits
Dancing promotes a healthy lifestyle. It improves muscle strength, agility, flexibility, balance, grace, stamina, and good posture. It is a fun way to get up and get moving!

Musical Benefits
When children dance they listen to and begin to familiarize themselves with the beats, rhythms, and phrasing of the music. At dance camp, they will be exposed to various genres of child-friendly music that they may have never heard before.

Social Benefits
Dance camp allows children to meet and make new friends with other children that have similar interests as them. Because they are working in a group setting with their peers, they learn to move in a way in which they must be aware of others and the space around them. They learn how to control their movement so as not to bump into others. Children learn team work, as well as self-confidence and feelings of well-being.

Skill-Building Benefits
By attending a specialized camp such as a dance camp, children get to build a new skill and perhaps try something that they have never done before. It also gives those children who have danced in the past, the opportunity to try a new style of dance such as ballet, jazz, hip hop, or musical theater.

Artistic Benefits
Children may be allowed time to create their own movement and dances in a safe and non-judgmental atmosphere. There is also the added bonus of a craft time which allows a child some artistic freedom and exploration.

Dance Classics is a dance studio conveniently located in Murfreesboro, TN and offers many three day, half-day, dance camps, as well as two, week-long, half-day dance camps. Each camp is specially themed to keep campers engaged and interested. The three day themed camps include Trolls Rainbow Camp, Glamour & Glitz Dance Camp, Hawaiian Princess Dance Camp, and Pixie Princess Dance Camp. Hollywood Dance Stars Camp is a half-day, week-long camp, and Ignite Dance Intensive is a five day, evening camp.

All of the dance classes are taught by experienced professionals who are highly qualified to teach dance and work with children. The instructor’s high energy and enthusiasm are sure to get the children excited about dance. They will share their love and knowledge of the art-form, thus creating a positive atmosphere where children can gown and learn.

At a Dance Classics Summer camp, children will participate in a variety of classes such as ballet, jazz, musical theater, funky cheer, hip hop and tumbling. The campers will learn new dances, steps, and skills with fun, themed music, during their camp. They will have the opportunity to create crafts that relate to the theme of the camp. Camp will also include dress-up for our younger participants, songs, games, and a snack time. Each camp finishes off with a mini performance for parents to enjoy.

For more information about Dance Classics’ Summer Camps, please contact us or call 615-378-7152